What a broken heart can do.

A Broken Heart

Several weeks ago while sitting at the dinner table my 17 year old daughter mentioned how she had felt sorry for one of her friends because of the rough life she has had. As I listened it brought to mind a patient that I was currently treating. This patient who I will call Francine was deserted by her mother when she was 5 years old and was left to raise her younger sister. Although her father provided a roof over her head and food on the table he could not provide the love and affection one receives from a caring mother. The desertion of her mother combined with her sensitive nature caused Francine to withdraw within herself and build a protective wall around her. She learned to be self sufficient and from age 16 on provided for herself by working 40 hour weeks. As a teenager she had a lot of anger. She states, I used to be a very resentful and angry person. I fought a lot. I could hear someone talking about me, it would make me extremely angry. I was suspended many times. I was violent. In her early 20’s she found a man that she thought she could trust and who would love and take care of her. But after 4 years he betrayed her trust causing Francine to go into a deep depression. She began sleeping 16-20 hours a day, her anxieties and worries began to consume her. Yet despite these debilitating emotional symptoms she continued to work. But because of her determination and self reliance she states she has never missed a day of work. Francine also suffered from bad acid reflux, terrible indigestion and hay fever symptoms. After taking her case I treated her with a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Within days her depression lifted. When she came in a week later for follow-up I noticed she was actually smiling. She commented that I am happier. It has been years since I felt this way. Her anxieties, acid reflux, irritable bowel symptoms, and fatigue were also significantly improved. Francine’s constitutional remedy allowed her not only to heal from this recent emotional trauma but will also help her to heal from the emotional scars of being abandoned by her mother.


Terry Pfau DO HMD

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