Alternative Cancer Therapies: Part II

When patients are told that they need chemotherapy to combat their cancer rarely does the oncologist inform the patients of other options such as the use of anti-oxidants in conjunction with chemotherapy. In fact, some oncologist will insist that their patient not take anti-oxidants as they feel it will lessen the effectiveness of the chemotherapy. However, recent research seems to indicate just the opposite.

In February 2005 a study was published that showed high doses of vitamin C, E and beta carotene combined with chemotherapy did not interfere with the chemotherapy.

The well-known antioxidant glutathione has been studied in combination with chemotherapy for several years. Eleven different studies found that intravenous glutathione administered along with chemotherapy resulted in better patient outcomes and improved quality of life. Another anti-oxidant Vitamin C (also given intravenously) has also shown positive effects on cancer patients.

So cancer patients need not “pick sides” as to whether they want to do conventional chemotherapy or alternative therapies. Choosing to combine both therapies may be a better option.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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