Fear of spiders.


The other day I was reading in a medical journal of a novel approach for treating phobias. In this particular article researchers from Switzerland and Germany postulated that because fearful situations can trigger the release of cortisol in the brain and as cortisol is also known to impair memory retrieval, then giving cortisol before exposure to a phobia trigger (such as a spider) might reduce anxiety by blocking fear memories.

When they tested this out on their subjects they found that the anxiety level did decrease progressively with each treatment session.

What most people and doctors don’t realize is that homeopathic treatment with a constitutional remedy will often eliminate phobias. Patients usually come in for other heath concerns and are often surprised to see their phobias (along with their other symptoms) either markedly better if non-existent. This demonstrates how homeopathy heals the whole person.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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