Don't leave home without your arnica gel!

Arnica: Never Leave Home Without It.

This week while standing up at the front desk a patient came in wanting 3 tubes of Arnica. Out of curiosity I asked her what she was using it for. She replied that she was getting one for herself, her mother and a friend. She found that arnica was invaluable for any type of physical trauma that results in bruising or strained muscles.

Along the same line several months ago JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) published the results of a recent study that showed homeopathic arnica significantly reduced post-operative bruising following face lift surgery.

Anyone that has used Arnica swears by its effectiveness. Hopefully, this recent study will help convince physicians to use it in their practice as it is truly invaluable where there is any trauma.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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