How to prevent from getting cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Yesterday I came across an article titled, Cancer Incidence Before and After Kidney Transplantation. What the study found was very intriguing. The authors found in their research that kidney transplantation is associated with a marked increase in cancer risk at a wide variety of sites. Specifically there was an astounding 3-4 fold increase in the cancer rate. Although they are not certain as to why this happens it is most likely related to the fact that those with kidney transplants are placed on immune suppressing drugs. So this would seem to indicate that the immune system plays a very vital role in preventing cancer.

Many of the alternative therapies that are used today in treating cancer focus on boosting the immune system. Whereas, the chemotherapeutic and radiation therapies that are used today have a very destructive effect on the immune system.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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