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Darkfield Analysis of Live Blood

Periodically, patients will either tell me that they were treated based on darkfield analysis of live blood or will ask my opinion of this technique. In 1925 the German zoologist Gunther Enderlein, PhD published a concept of microbial life cycles. Dr. Enderlein used a specialized oblique illumination technique that enables specimens that are not imaged well under normal brightfield illumination conditions to appear bright on an otherwise black background. His observations using this technique revealed microscopic structures and phenomena that had not yet been described by other researchers. He postulated that some of the structures he observed were microbes that caused particular illnesses.

About 16 years ago I used darkfield microscopy in my practice and did observe these microscopic structures and unusual mobility of erythrocytes. However, I did not find that these observations could be used clinically to help my patients so I discontinue using it after about a year. Just recently I came across an article in Alternative Therapies which discussed a study that was done to determine the reliability of live blood analysis. Two experts in this technique were given the same blood samples of 24 patients and asked to give their diagnosis for each sample. At the end of the study it was concluded that darkfield analysis had low reliability as a diagnostic test. So when patients ask my opinion I tell them that their money is better spent elsewhere.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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