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Dental Mercury Ban Pending

H.R. 4011 know as “Mercury in Dental Fillings Disclosure and Prohibition Act” was re-introduced by Congresswoman Watson to prohibit the use of mercury in dental fillings.
Some of the highlights of the bill are the following:

1  Elemental mercury are know to be toxic and hazardous to human health.
2  A dental amalgam, commonly referred to as “silver filing,” consists of 42%-58% mercury.
3  Dental amalgams continually emit mercury vapor.
4  When inhaled, approximately 80% of the mercury vapor enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs and then rapidly deposits in the brain and kidneys as well as other parts of the body
5  The estimated average daily intake and retention of mercury from dental amalgam ranges from three to 27 micrograms per day and is greater than all other sources of mercury combined.
6  Mercury fillings from dental offices are now the leading source of mercury in the nation’s wastewater
7  Waste dental mercury can methylate, becoming more bioavailable and magnifying in fish as methyl mercury, the most toxic form of mercury
8 As of 2003, there have been 2,362 fish consumption advisories across the nation due to mercury contamination.

If you are interested in keeping the momentum going on this bill contact your Congressman by calling 202-223-3121 or 202-223-3121 to express support for H.R.4011.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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