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Does High Dose IV Vitamin C Hinder the Effectiveness of Chemo or Radiation?

Six months ago an elderly woman with cancer was brought to our clinic by her concerned daughter.  She wanted to know what if anything I could offer.  We talked about diet, nutritional supplements, detoxing protocols and high dose IV vitamin C among other therapies.  After listening carefully she felt comfortable about the program but first wanted to consult with an oncologist.  When she returned several weeks later she reported that the oncologist warned her that if she did any alternative therapy such as IV vitamin C it would negate the effectiveness of his therapy.

After reading all the literature on IV vitamin C that I provided her she felt that it was in the best interest of her mother to receive both chemotherapy and vitamin C therapy.  Six months later her mom is doing amazingly well with her tumor markers nearing 0 and her vitality unfazed.  She had some hair loss and a transient drop in her red blood cells but these side effects of chemo were significantly minimized.

Here are some results of studies showing that when vitamin C is given in conjunction with chemo and/or radiation the outcome is improved.

Decrease in Cancer Growth

5-FU                                            38%

5-FU + IV vitamin C                    72%

Radiation                                    72%

Radiation + IV vitamin C             98.2%

Bleomycin                                    73%

Bleomycin +  IV vitamin C           92%

An additional advantage of the vitamin C is that patients experience fewer adverse side effects to the chemotherapy and radiation.

Source:  KedarPrasad, University of Colorado, as summarized in  Antioxidants Against Cancer by Ralph Moss

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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