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Don’t Forget to Blow

I enjoy talking with my older patients as they often have interesting stories of home remedies that their mothers or grandmothers used on them. Yesterday I had a patient who grew up in the Great Smokies who shared how his mother would use milk to take away the pain of sun burns. He said she would dab the milk on the burned area and gently blow on it. He then related an incident where his brother was out working with his shirt off and got a painful third degree burn that blistered up. But within minutes of his mother applying this home remedy his pain went a way and stayed away.

I found this very interesting, the use of milk to take away pain from a burn. It is common knowledge that if you eat something too spicy hot that drinking milk will take away the discomfort. So if you find yourself without homeopathic calendula gel and you or a friend have a sunburn try milk. But don’t forget to gently blow on it.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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