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PEMF (Pulse Electro-Magnetic Fields)

PEMF is known for providing immediate and long-lasting pain relief, accelerated healing and regeneration, enhanced circulation and oxygenation, as well counter-acting the harmful electromagnetic radiation that we’re constantly exposed to on daily basis by all the power lines cell-phones, microwaves and more.

In addition it can help with ENERGY. Every cell in your body is electrical. Like a tiny little battery, each cell needs a measurable electrical charge to function optimally.

Everything from thinking, to digesting food, to exercising requires energy.  All your organs  need a lot of energy to function properly, especially your brain, liver, kidneys and gut. Weak, stressed or diseased cells are known to have low energy. Most people today are under-performing at the cellular level. Lack of oxygen, toxicity, free radicals and poor nutrition are just a few things that can rob us of energy.

High-intensity PEMFs bathes your cells in pure, raw energy by inducing a flood of electrons. Simply put it recharges your batteries. This helps your cells to not only meet all  of their energy demands, but it also helps them to function optimally.

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