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Faith Haugh, NTP, RWP, CPT

Faith Haugh NTP RWP CPT

Faith Haugh is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP), emotional healing/mindset coach and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). She specializes in gut health, hormones, weight loss, anti-aging nutrition and supplementation.

Ms. Haugh uses nutritional therapy techniques to develop bio-individual approaches to diet and supplementation for each of her clients in order to help them achieve their wellness goals in a holistic manner. Personalized functional and pain evaluation enables us to identify organ systems under stress and then prioritize support accordingly. She offers MRT food sensitivity testing, adrenal hormone panels, Gl stool comprehensive analysis, male and female hormone testing and custom meal plans and supplement protocols.

Faith has had tremendous success helping her clients in their goal of weight loss. She addresses all systems in the body including gut function, genetic factors, metabolic disorders, food intolerances and allergies. And sometimes, just as importantly, emotional triggers and self-defeating habits and behaviors. After working with hundreds of clients with the goal of fat loss, she knows that it is a multi-faceted issue. With a customized plan, weight loss success is completely possible!

Faith has extensive experience in techniques to help your body with toxin build up, water retention, bloating, blood circulation, digestive health, mobility, and increased energy. She also has a passion for providing services and teaching kinesiology (sometimes called muscle testing). This is an amazing tool that can be used for testing foods, supplements, emotional and physical wellness and much more.

Faith incorporates several different techniques in emotional healing coaching sessions including individualized meditation practices, EFT techniques and breath work, and methods of supporting energetic alignment which is when one feels at peace and harmony in their body, spirit and mind. This leads to more overall happiness and clarity of mind. Through these healing techniques, she helps her clients achieve peace by processing past traumas and unproductive self beliefs and connecting to their highest, authentic selves.

A wife, mother of four, and also a cancer survivor, Faith has dedicated her life to helping people achieve wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually. She looks forward to giving her clients the tools needed to live a powerful, intentional and purposeful life.

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