Fearful 10 year old boy

It is not uncommon for young children to have phobias. Darkness is probably the most common one that I see in children. However, children should outgrow most fears by the time they are 8.

So for Jonathan, who was 10 years old, to have fears of something happening to his mother was quite unusual. In his mother’s words, ” he wants to know where I am in the house at all times. It is almost impossible for me to go shopping by myself even if my husband is home. He will become frantic almost to the point where he will cry. It is almost like a panic attack.”

Sometimes it is obvious what will trigger these fears to come on whereas other times it is a mystery. In Jonathan’s case, his mother going out of town for 4 days seemed to trigger this underlying fear.

He was treated with a constitutional homeopathic remedy Stramonium and over the ensuing weeks, his fears dissipated. Other problems that he was experiencing like stuttering and bedwetting also cleared.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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