He Was No Angel

Gabriel who just turned four goes non-stop from 7am to 9pm with no naps. From the description his mother gave me he was no angel, in fact, he was more like a monster. When his father would get home at night he became much more aggressive throwing punches and having temper tantrums whenever he does not get his way. Whenever his parents ask him to do something his immediate response is “no!” Aside from these emotional challenges Gabriel also had an allergy to wheat and a fear of the dark as well as sensitivity to loud noises.

Gabriel was treated with a constitutional remedy, Lycopodium, and after just a month his mother reported big improvements. She states, “I Have seen a pretty big improvement. His aggressiveness is less. He use to run around the house and who ever is around would ram into them from behind. He is still high energy. It is a lot easier to explain things to him. He is not throwing the punches nor having temper tantrums. He is also more polite in interrupting. I have also seen such an improvement with sensitivity to loud noise. I can vacuum house with running around after me. Before he would hold his hands over his head. I can ask him to do things and will do things willingly.”

This past week (6 months since his first visit) his mother brought Gabriel in for a school physical and he continues to do well. She commented that his fear of darkness was gone and that he no longer had problems with wheat.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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