Health Bars: Are They Healthy?

The last several years there has been an explosion in health bars. At first they were promoted by just companies involved in the health industry but now major corporate companies have entered the market with their versions.

The change in our life style has contributed to the popularity of health bars. Although it is ideal to eat a balanced meal three times a day many busy people will skip breakfast and sometimes lunch and then be ravenous at dinner and snack into the night. In this situation it is far more preferable to eat a “healthy” food bar or drink a smoothie for breakfast or lunch.

So what is a “healthy” food bar? Food bars that have a balance in protein, fiber and complex carbohydrate are best. In an attempt to appeal to our sweet tooth many so called health bars are just candy bars in disguise. Coated in chocolate and loaded with sugar these bars will tend to cause a sharp rise in and then a drop in blood sugar and not be that satisfying long term. So if you eat health food bars be smart and read the labels.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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