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For many parents having a child experience seizures can cause a lot of anguish. They worry about the medications they take and the side effects and are always concerned about when the next seizure will occur.

Two months ago 11-year-old Emily accompanied by her mom came in for treatment of her seizures that were resistant to all conventional medications. She was taking at the time Onfi, Levetiracetam, and Vimpat. These medications which made her drowsy and seriously affected her school work and dulled her personality. However, even on this medication, she was having 10-12 seizures a day that were either focal or tonic-clonic.

After evaluating her homeopathically she was prescribed Phosphorus. After just the first month not only was the frequency of her seizures reduced to just 3-4/day but the intensity had diminished. And after the second month, the seizures had reduced to 0-2/day and were lasting 30 seconds or less. As a result of this improvement, she was able to come off the one medications that was causing the drowsiness and is back to her normal happy outgoing personality.

With time and continued treatment it is hoped that Emily will be able to wean off all her medication as the goal with homeopathic treatment is to cure whereas conventional therapy only suppresses.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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