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How Long Does It Take To Work?

Patients will often ask, ‘how long does it take the remedy to work?’ The answer is pretty straight forward in that the more acute and severe the symptoms the quicker the remedy will work – sometimes within seconds. As an example, several weeks ago I had a woman 3 months pregnant with hyperemesis gravadarum (severe morning sickness). Her case was one of the worse I had seen in a while. The smell or even thought of food would cause dry heaving. Nausea was constant and it was difficult to even keep water down. Having lost 6 lbs and feeling very weak she knew she had to try something.

At first I gave her the homeopathic remedy Sepia with no change. She returned two days later and was so dehydrated that I decided to give her some intravenous fluids. While she sat in our I.V. room I pulled a homeopathic remedy made from the bark of the peach tree from our stock and put 5 pellets on her tongue. As she was leaving, I noticed she had a smile on her face. She said the minute the remedy touched her tongue it took away the constant nausea that she had been experiencing the last 3 months. Over the following weeks, she continued to take the remedy as it gave her so much improvement in her symptoms that she could actually eat and begin to put weight on.

For symptoms that have been around for years, change is usually slower – about 20-30% the first month and gradual improvement over the ensuing months.

Terry Pfau DO HMD

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