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How Looking to Your Past Can Improve Your Future|Regression

How Looking to Your Past Can Improve Your Future | Regression


Regression is a hypnotherapy process that helps clients recall events from past moments in time that may be affecting their current lives. After attaining relaxation, the client is guided back in time. Then, the therapist asks guiding questions, and the client responds verbally concerning their feelings, only sharing the information that they are comfortable with. Often, information comes up that clients will prefer not to voice.

Once the particular moment in time has been thoroughly explored, the client discusses the lessons that the moment signified in order to apply those lessons to their current life, if desired. The client can then move forward with a new level of understanding. Healing occurs after such regressions when clients are able to release the causes of current issues. Regressions are especially helpful when the same issue appears over and over again despite sincere efforts to correct it.

Benefits of Regression

This can help clients identify the root cause of any issue or problem that affects the physical, mental or spiritual life today. Other benefits of regression include gaining understanding of challenging personal relationships and letting go of the fear. Regression can also help clients discover the events that are the root of various physical problems as well as positive talents, resources and abilities that can be helpful in their current lives. Some clients find that regression helps them align with their soul’s earthly purpose in this lifetime or experience the transitional states of death and beyond.


Clients do not have to believe in a past life to experience the benefits of regression. There are many clients whose minds choose to regress back to a moment in their current life. The key is trusting and allowing the subconscious to do its work to help achieve the individual goal.

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