John Stossel

What do Carly Simons, John Stossel, Winston Churchill and Tiger Woods have in common. They all stuttered. Stuttering comes on usually during childhood and may persist into adulthood. The exact cause of stuttering remains to be determined, however, ecent studies suggest that genetic factors play a role in the disorder. I have found in treating certain children who are overly sensitive emotional stress can also bring on the stuttering.

Abby, age 4, was just such a child. She was sensitive in that the slightest reprimand would hurt her feelings and bring on tears. Her parents noticed the onset of stuttering about a year a half ago. It seemed that when she was overly excited or anxious that her stuttering would get worse.

I gave Abby Staphysagria, as I felt was her constitutional remedy. Within days of starting the remedy the stutter began to decrease in frequency and by 6 weeks was completely gone. Her parents also noticed that her sensitivity improved considerable.

When I give a constitutional remedy I explain that it will not change who that person is but if there are any extremes in their personalities it will take away those area where they are out of balance.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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