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Microbes in your gut keep you healthy.

Microbial Health

The bacteria in your gut weighs more than the mass of your mind, and this bacteria has the

power to affect your brain’s health. For example, we know from research that transplanting the

microbiota of anxious mice into normal mice changes their personalities. In addition, a diet high

in sugar leads to changes in gut bacteria that alters and disrupts cognitive abilities.

John Cyran at University of College in Cork found that mice that were given food with the

bacteria Lactobacillius rhamnosus had reduced indicators or signs of stress and anxiety. This

bacteria aids in the treatment of anxiety because it releases the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter

GABA. This study was then conducted in 22 men who took the probiotic for four weeks. They

found results similar to the mice in regards to reduced stress and anxiety.

In 2013, a study was conducted amongst women who ingested probiotics that were placed in a

milk product. After four weeks there were changes in the brain that processed emotions. These

studies lead one to believe that probiotics could help treat depression and mood disorders.

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