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Chelation therapy helping you live longer.

My Dad Lived 25 years longer

Today when I received the following e-mail I was saddened to hear of the passing of a patient and yet on the other hand glad that chelation therapy extended his life as long as it did. I came to know Bert about 20 years ago when he traveled down from Idaho to receive chelation therapy after having 2 bypass surgeries and being told that although he was in need of another one his health would not tolerate it.

“My Dad and Mom were patients of yours. I need to update their status. My folks both have died so we no longer need to be on the mailing list for “Renaissance” mag. that you send. Please use the money to send these to people who could benefit your services as did both my folks
“I must say that I am impressed with your services. We feel that you kept my Dad alive better than 25 years than the AMA had decided he would be. It only took about 1 year after he stopped taking the treatments that he died. I think he was just so tired and ready to go. We were informed in June that it would be soon and he lasted till the 22nd of Oct. As for my Mom she was just lost and went crazy without my dad so it was no great surprise for her passing. As much as I loved them it wasn’t enough to keep them here. I miss them terribly but am happy they are together. ”

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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