No More Wellbutrin

Anti-depressants like Wellbutrin are one of the top 5 selling classes of drugs today. Go to you doctor with the least little bit depressed and you will most likely walk out the door with a script for an anti-depressant.

For most of her life, Kathy experienced short periods of depression. But when she went through menopause at an early age of 39 it turned her world upside down. The rapid decline in her female hormones resulted in extreme emotional lability and even thoughts of suicide. She found herself feeling hopeless with crying with the least little bit of stress. In addition, she experienced restless legs which interfered with her sleep. Of course, she was put on Prempro and Wellbutrin. Although, these meds did lessen her symptoms she did not feel like her old self. With all the negative press of Prempro she desperately wanted to get off it. However, when she tried to go off her symptoms would only worsen.

I recommended that she use bio-identical hormones to replace the Prempro and an amino acid/ vitamin combination to replace the Wellbutrin. It took 3 months to wean her off of the Wellbutrin, as she had been on it for 8 years. And because the amino acid supplements stimulated the natural production of serotonin she found that her depression was completely gone along with all her other complaints.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD.

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