Last month our family was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which a car ran a stop sign going 50 mph and t-boned our car dead center. If it were not for the side curtain air bags I fear my wife and son who were sitting on the side of impact would have sustained some permanent injury or even died. As it turned out our 15 year old daughter ended up being the most severely injured when the force of the accident combined with the three point restraint system she was wearing caused 4 perforations of her intestines. That night she underwent emergency surgery and because of a good surgeon did well.

Because she experienced considerable pain during the days following surgery she was given a considerable amount of morphine. The combination of morphine and bowel surgery resulted in what is know as “post-op ilius”, a condition where the bowel action is paralyzed. Once bowel sounds are heard then the patient can be then started on oral liquids.

In our daughters case the post-op ilius was persisting longer than normal. So I decided to give her homeopathic Opium 200c. Within 12 hours not only did the nurses start to hear her bowel sounds but she actually had a bowel movement.

This use of the homeopathic form of opium is a good example of how the law of similar works. Opium has the effect of slowing down or stopping bowel activity in a healthy person. When the Opium 200c was given it actually cured our daughter’s bowel inactivity.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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