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The Last I Saw of Her

It is always nice to hear that a patient you saw years ago has been symptom-free. Yesterday the mother of a teenage girl that I saw in 2005 mentioned that her daughter who is now in college has been a headache free for the last couple of years.

When Samantha first came to see me she was experiencing severe headaches that would always be preceded by frightening dreams the night before. These headaches started when she was five years old and had progressed to where they are more frequent and sometimes can last a whole month. Other than getting a winter rash she had no other symptoms.

I treated Samantha with a constitutional homeopathic remedy and within a month she was a headache free. I asked that she come back a month later for re-evaluation but that was the last I saw or her. Doctors today are hesitant to use the word cure – if I used drugs to treat chronic diseases I would too- but with homeopathy cure is an everyday occurrence.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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