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Alexandra Ojeda, AHC

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Alexandra Ojeda AHC

Alexandra Ojeda is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC) and yoga instructor (RYT) with over five years of experience practicing natural wellness. She studied at the Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda in Santa Cruz where she learned techniques from some of the best modern Ayurvedic doctors in the country.

Utilizing the healing systems of Ayurveda, Ms. Ojeda guides patients of all ages in health and optimal living techniques but specializes in women’s health. Additionally, Ms. Ojeda is an accomplished yoga instructor who is well-versed in multiple yoga disciplines. Her teaching style blends varying yoga types and their spiritual and philosophical roots and focuses on breath work, meditation and physical movement. She is experienced in a vast variety of settings, including individual, studio and workshop-style instruction.

After being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor following the birth of her daughter, Ms. Ojeda experienced the beauty and healing powers of natural health and wellness firsthand. She struggled with traditional modalities for a whole year before turning to a holistic approach to treatment. As a result, she saw a drastic change in her health and quality of life. This experience inspired Ms. Ojeda to begin studying and practicing holistic health – fueled by a strong desire to help others understand and pinpoint the root causes of their ailments.

A Las Vegas native, Alexandra treats each client as an individual and seeks to uncover the fundamental cause of disease or imbalance. Her techniques are designed to empower each person with the knowledge and tools to live in homeostasis and harmony. Ms. Ojeda’s goal is to bring balance and connection to each of her client’s lives and achieve optimal health for mind, body and spirit.

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