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Renae Haldeman, BS, OMD

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Renae Haldeman, OMD has a passion for helping to determine the root cause of disease in order to heal the whole person, which can perpetuate healing within the whole family unit. She understands that her role in this medical field is to help progress and support the patient through their healing journey. A traditional Chinese proverb posits, “Seven parts nurture, three parts treatment.” Some of the greatest results come when a patient is dedicated to an open-minded approach in implementing change and incorporating better habits in lifestyle, nutrition, and mindfulness; along with the use of the thousands year old approach of acupuncture, tuina, guasha, moxa, cupping, and herbal supplementation including homeopathy and botanicals.

Dr. Haldeman received a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Marriage and Family Studies and was contemplating becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but determined that she could do more good to help heal relational and emotional ills through the use of acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy. She has a Master’s Degree of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from the nationally accredited Wongu University of Oriental Medicine located in Las Vegas, NV. She is a diplomate of Oriental Medicine through the national certifying board NCCAOM. She is locally certified through the Nevada State Board of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Haldeman and her husband, are both native to Las Vegas, are the parents of two daughters and three sons.

Dr. Haldeman is passionate about the utilization of the SaAm Korean four-needle technique based on traditional Chinese acupuncture point combination which encompasses and treats both emotional and physical ailments. One of the most rewarding results she had with a patient was when a retired police officer came to her with severe, debilitating PTSD and received acupuncture treatment. The day after the treatment he stated, “I was able to have the best night’s sleep I’ve had in 5 years.” She has witnessed whole body chemistry reset when patients have been out of balance, in which they have been able to find recentering. She considers this a miracle in a world where many feel chained to their disharmony and disease.

The patient is the healer, and Dr. Haldeman is a facilitator of healing. Responsibility for one’s health is one’s own.

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