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Alternative/Complementary Cancer Therapy

I first became interested in helping cancer patients as a result of an experience I had with an in-law that had stage 4  colon cancer who had failed surgery, chemo, radiation and had even gone down to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.   I told her that I knew that IV vitamin C in high doses has benefited cancer patients and felt that it was worth a try.  Well,  7 years later she is totally tumor free.

Since then I have been on a quest to learn as much about alternative/complementary cancer therapies from the best doctors in America and abroad.  As a result of this training, we utilize all forms of natural therapies that are proven to exploit the vulnerabilities of cancer cells.

Some patients come to us looking for supportive therapy while they are undergoing traditional treatment, others come looking for an alternative to chemo and radiation therapy, and other come looking to prevent cancer.

Our therapy is designed for each individual patient and their type of cancer and consist of the following:

  1. Design a nutritional supplement plan specific for the patient’s specific cancer which can slow the growth and spread of cancer. This individualized program stimulates the immune system to fight the cancer along with aiding specific pathways that encourage apoptosis (death of cancer cell). To aid in tailoring individualized treatment we frequently use unique blood tests that show what particular natural agents the patient’s particular cancer is sensitive to.
  1. Educate patients regarding crucial detoxification protocols.
  2. Administer high dose I.V. Vitamin C  and other natural agents such as Vit K,  Arteminisin, Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide, PolyMVA, Dicholoroacetate, and Salicinium that are proven to fight cancer.
  3. Discuss dietary recommends designed for the individual patient’s specific needs.
  4. Provide therapies that can protect the body’s organs against the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
  5. Discuss lifestyle changes that are proven to extend the life of cancer patients.
  6. Provide specific homeopathic remedies to target the patient’s cancer.
  7. Use homeopathy and acupuncture to strengthen one’s overall constitution physically and mentally and to treat symptoms caused by the cancer or chemo or radiation therapy.
  8. We also work with cancer survivors to help ensure that the cancer has a lower probability or returning.

These therapies have been proven to help support the following mechanisms that cancer uses to grow and metastasize.

  1. Immune modulation –the immune system plays a vital role in destroying cancer cells
  2. Apoptosis – tumor cells have turned on genes that prevent their death
  3. Anti-angiogenesis – Tumors grow by increasing vascular growth to bring in needed nutrients and providing for metastasis (spread of the tumor throughout the body)
  4. Block pumping of chemo drugs out of cell - Certain tumor to aid in their survival have modified certain genetic expressions that allow them to get rid of chemotherapeutic drugs.
  5. Differentiation – Cells that de-differentiate are more likely to become malignant. Certain natural agents help to reverse this to where the tumor returns to its normal functioning cell.
  6. Inhibiting cell division – The more we can stop or slow down the cancer cell division the easier it is for the body’s immune system to eventually destroy the cancer.
  7. Block production of dangerous hormones- Certain cancer’s ( breast, prostate, uterine and certain ovarian cancers)  growth is influenced by hormones.  By down-regulating the production or blocking the hormone receptor site we can slow or stop the growth of the tumor.
  8. There are other mechanisms that cancer uses to its advantage that we also address.


As with any conventional cancer therapy, we cannot give any guarantees that this approach will lead to a cure.  Our goal is to assist the body to retard the growth and spread of the tumor and encourage tumor cell death.  And to assist the patient in living an emotionally and physically healthy life.


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