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About Your Visit

Welcome to Renaissance Health Centre

Our offices are set in a relaxing and serene environment where you will feel renewed.

Your First Visit with Doctor Pfau

Your initial evaluation with Dr. Pfau will take approximately an hour and will include a comprehensive history. This history will look at your current physical complaints in great detail. Plus, in order to determine the underlying cause of your chronic illness we will also go back in time to the onset of your symptoms.

More often than not emotional stress or traumas are a contributing factor in illness and so this information in invaluable in selecting the correct homeopathic remedy. The physical exam will differ from the traditional medical exam in that I will be using Chinese pulse, tongue and other alternative diagnostic techniques in determining weakness in specific organ systems and imbalances in your chi.

Often times I will order specific blood work if it is indicated and has not been done recently. If you have recent blood work please bring a copy with you to your first visit. As a result of this unique process of looking at the whole body both emotional and physical an effective individualized therapeutic program will be tailored for your specific health concerns.



In-house Compounding Pharmacy

Our pharmacist Danny Gelber has taken great care in formulating bio-identical hormones sourced from plants. Because we compound on site we can provide fast convenient customized Hormone replacement therapy. In addition, we offer anti-wrinkle cream, topical analgesic cream for pain, hair growth formula, and low dose naltrexone.

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Some of the Health Issues that we treat

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