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Dhaani MD (Hom), APH, RSHom (NA)

DR Dhaani Renaissance Med

Dr. Fnu Dhaani is a proficient doctor of homeopathy with over 10 years of experience in treating a diverse range of conditions, from skin conditions, anxiety, mental health, gastric ailments, joint pains, female disorders, pediatrics ailments, respiratory conditions, metabolic disorders, seasonal allergies, boosting general body immunity, and many more. With the patient-centric approach, Dr. Dhaani has recommended innumerable individuals experiencing deranged health and helped uncover the root cause of their disease to bring the highest healing and enhance general health.

Dr. Dhaani's passion for homeopathy accelerated before she entered medical school when her uncle was diagnosed with migraine and eczema. Conventional medicine doctors prescribed frequent high doses of steroids for eczema along with painkillers to subside headaches. With no satisfactory relief, her uncle was then taken to a homeopathic doctor, and after taking homeopathic medicine, he instantly began to see positive progress. His eczema improved within a few months, and the headache and distress were relieved. It was a life-changing experience for her as an aspiring healthcare professional.

Dr. Dhaani has been using homeopathic treatment for her patients, family members, and herself. She has been helping many patients by improving their deteriorating health through homeopathy and her compassionate care. Dr. Dhaani is enthusiastic about mental health, children, women, and the well-being of old individuals. She has experience working with individuals of every age, from newborns to toddlers to young adults to geriatric patients. With exceptional knowledge of homeopathic medicine, body functioning, clinical skills, and treating patients of diverse age groups, Dr. Dhaani has had an incredible experience in bringing gentle and no side-effect treatment to her patients. She focuses on creating individualized treatment plans for her patients to bring progressive changes to their lives and encourage them to develop positive habits for the best healing and complete well-being.

Dr. Dhaani is the epitome of academic excellence; she has received her Doctor of Medicine (Hom) and a bachelor's degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery with rigorous practical skills. She also received her graduate degree in public health. Dr. Dhaani is a part-time homeopathic teaching faculty member and a homeopathic medicine program director at the American Medical College of Homeopathy (PIHMA), Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Dhaani is licensed in Nevada to practice homeopathy.

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