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one way to reduce stress

One Method To Reduce Stress

When doing a homeopathic evaluation I will commonly ask if a patient worries a lot. Usually, 60% of those asked respond positively. These type of people over-react to situations. Their anxieties and fears often contribute to our ill-health. On the other hand some patients do not have a care in the world. As for myself I have the tendency to worry excessively but have learned to control my anxieties.

A simple meditation technique drawn from Rudolf Steiner’s Ruscshau Meditation can be helpful for reducing stress. The technique consists of reviewing each day’s events (beginning with the most recent event), as if watching a film of someone else’s life. While doing this meditation each evening, Dr. Cowan suggests fostering an objective, philosophical view, taking a long-term perspective. Instead of seeing the day’s evens as the whole book of your life, view them as paragraphs in a much larger volume. It is the perception of the events in our lives that affects our lives and health. Daily application of this kind of mental exercise can help us achieve balance and the correct perspective.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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