Live Blood Cell Analysis

Living Blood:  Seeing is Believing

microscope used to perform blood analysis Imagine being able to see the inner workings of your body in a way you never could before.  Now, with just a prick of your finger, a drop of your blood, a special video microscope, and a TV screen, you can!  Viewing your own living blood with our trained microscopist gives you an immediate picture of the state of your health.

comparison between healthy and unhealthy blood cells You’ll be able to immediately see the condition of your own “River of Life” – your bloodstream.  Is your river clean and flowing freely, or is it polluted and getting stagnant?  The numbers on a blood test lab report just can’t compare to actually seeing for yourself what your live blood might indicate:  dehydration, digestion, plaque, damaged red blood cells, cholesterol and uric acid crystals, and much more.

view of living blood under microscope With regular use, you’ll be able to monitor exactly how your health is impacted by changes in your diet, the supplements you take, and any other health protocols you use.  You will learn exactly what supports your body’s natural ability to self-heal, giving you an individualized framework for health regeneration.  What does your picture say about your health?  Now you can see for yourself, and accelerate your journey to optimal wellness!



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