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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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Imagine being able to see the inner workings of your body in real time!  Here at Renaissance Health Centre you can do exactly that, with just a drop of your blood, a special video microscope, and a TV monitor. 

Viewing your own living blood with Liz Kerby, our trained Live Blood Microscopist, shows you the current state of your health.  You’ll be able to instantly see the condition of your own “River of Life” – your bloodstream.  Is it clean and flowing freely, or is it contaminated and getting sluggish?

Live Blood Assessment reveals information about your body that regular laboratory analysis can’t.  For example, it shows the state of your hydration, digestive system, and level of toxicity.  It will indicate if there is an issue with buildup of uric acid or other crystals, show signs of candida, heart attack and stroke indicators, and much more.  Examining your live blood give us information that can help with modifying your diet, adjusting your supplements, and utilizing other healing therapies.

With regular evaluation, we can monitor how your health is impacted by your diet, the supplements you take, and any other therapies you are receiving.  You will learn exactly what supports your body’s natural ability to heal with an individualized framework for regenerating your health.

What story does YOUR live blood picture tell about YOUR health?  Now you can see it for yourself and accelerate your journey to whole health!

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