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Alpha-Stim is a clinically proven electromedical device that relieves anxiety, depression and helps promote better sleep. Alpha-Stim generates a unique, patented waveform no other device can offer. Much like every white pill is not the same, the uniqueness of alpha-stim’s waveform produces results vastly different from its competitors. Unlike medications which are introduced to your body in a chemical form and then broken down to smaller components such as electrons, Alpha-Stim begins at the electron level, allowing your body’s cells to return to their natural functioning state. Alpha-Stim provides long lasting cumulative relief to you fast, allowing you to resume your normal daily activities.

Is it Effective?

There are over 95 research studies and published reports all supporting the safety and efficacy of Alpha-Stim. One survey compared Alpha-Stim’s effectiveness in treating anxiety to Xanax, and Ativan. Whereas Xanax’s and Ativan were 84% and 80% respectively effective in treating anxiety Alpha-Stim was 85% effective. Another study looking its use in treating depression found that 82% of participants reported a greater than 50% decrease in symptoms.

In regards to sleep a survey showed that patients felt significantly better with Alpha-Stim (84%) compared to Lunesta (56%) and Sonata (56%) .

Treatment takes just 20 minutes to an hour per day. Over time, you can decrease treatments to every other day, then 2-3 times per week. We have found that Alpha-Stim can be an important therapeutic modality in treating anxiety, insomnia and depression.

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