Energy Medicine

Just as energy in the wrong frequency or strength can cause disease, so can energy in the right frequency and strength be used to heal.

Susan, who works as a personal trainer,began experiencing severe headaches and tingling on the side of her head following a motor vehicle accident in which she suffered a concussion from a head injury.Over the next 9 months she tried numerous therapies to no avail.

I began treating her with frequency specific micro-current and after just the first treatment her symptoms began to subside.Frequency specific micro-current is a therapy dating back to the 1930’s in which specific frequencies were found to stimulate healing in specific tissues and organs.For reason we can only assume, the AMA came out with an edict in which they threatened to take away any physicians license who was found using this therapy.So this effective therapy fell by the wayside until about 7 years ago when a machine and the frequencies were rediscovered.

After just 6 treatments Susan’s headaches were completely eliminated as was the tingling in the side of her head. Frequency specific microcurrent has been an invaluable tool in treating concussion injuries along with a host of other diseases.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD