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Alternative Medicine

At the Renaissance Health Centre our focus is on stimulating the body’s natural healing  in overcoming chronic diseases.   As a medical student and while undergoing my post doctoral training I realized that for the majority of chronic illnesses western medicine’s only approach is to try to slow the disease process by suppressing symptoms.   Unfortunately,  the medications  being used often caused serious side effects for which additional medication was needed.
The terms “cure” or  the “body’s innate healing”  ability was rarely mentioned. This disillusionment  with  ‘modern medicine’  led me to learn about century old healing systems which recognized that the body if given the right stimulus can heal itself.   Although I use many alternative medicine methods (herbal therapy,   nutrition,  chelation,  bio-identical hormones,  frequency specific microcurrent  and IV vitamin therapy)  I have found homeopathy and acupuncture to be the most effective form of alternative medicine.    These two time tested alternative approaches work on a very deep level to restore balance to the body both emotionally and physically.
Alternative medicine is frequently grouped with complementary medicine or integrative medicine, which, in general, refers to the same interventions when used in conjunction with mainstream techniques.   From my 26 years of practicing alternative medicine I have come to realize that  this approach should be the first option in treating the vast majority of chronic illnesses.   Unfortunately, alternative medicine is not a panacea for all people.    I have found that on those occasion when all alternative options used have failed  to completely  heal  then one should  consider adding conventional medicine to the treatment protocol.
Terry Pfau DO, HMD
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