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Skin rashes that babies get.

Infants and Eczema

Eczema in infants can often be frustrating for parents because western medicine has little to offer except for topical steroids. Often they are told that the child will eventually out grow it. Fortunately, homeopathy is very effective in treating and curing chronic eczema. Sometime, if the eczema is very severe I have found that testing and treating the child for food allergies will speed up the recovery. A recent study published in the Journal of Pediatrics documented that 80% of infants with eczema had evidence of food allergies. The most common allergens were to cow’s milk, eggs or peanuts. What was interesting about this article is that it found that 61% of the infants had no solid food or formula exposure before the onset of the atopic eczema. Of those who tested positive to IgE food sensitization (71 infants) 60 infants had never knowingly been fed the particular food. We have know for years that what the mother eats can cross over to the infant via the breast milk and cause a reaction. For this reason when we test infants for food allergies and have the mom avoid those specific foods. I have read that divorce is more stressful on a person than the death of a loved one. In a family where children are involved I find that they are more deeply affected both emotionally and physically than their parents. Nicole was 5 when her parents divorced and her father moved back east. Each summer when the time comes for her to visit her father she begins to break out in hives and will cry for no apparent reason.


Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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