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Fatigue and Anxiety

Without a doubt, emotional stress is the number one cause of chronic illness today in our modern society. I estimate that 70% of patients complaints have their origin in either a major emotional trauma or repeated traumatic events.

Bob is a good example of how repeated emotional traumas can trigger physical, mental and emotional symptoms. He is articulate and well educated having gone many years to school to become a doctor.

In his words, ” I use to have tons of energy now it is very low- a 3-5 on a scale of 10. I am pushing myself to get my adrenaline going. It has been getting worse the last 2 years. I can’t get to sleep – it takes several hours. The only way I can sleep is to get exhausted. My mind is full of a lot of things spinning around in the head. legs always feel restless even when laying down. I was given anti- depressants but they did nothing.

“I will have deep feelings of anxiety. It is like something bad went wrong.
It feels like something is compressing in my chest. I use to be very social but now I feel like just being by myself.”

“Last 10 years I had one episode after another. First I lost my dad then when I was in medical school I lost my mom to cancer. I just kept everything in.”

Because of Bob’s nature and the grief from the death of his parents I gave him the homeopathic remedy Causticum. Almost immediately he notices that he was calmer and able to concentrate without “50 things running through his head”. Over the next several weeks his sleep improved to where he was falling asleep within 5 minutes and as a result of a deeper sleep his energy came back up.

I am frequently asked how does homeopathy work. To simplify it, homeopathic treatment stimulates the body to heal past emotional traumas which are keeping the body in a state of imbalance. I have seen this type of “miraculous healing” occur 1000’s of time of the last 20 years.

Terry Pfau, DO HMD

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