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Crown of Thorns for Traumatic Brain Injury

For most, the term crown of thorn will trigger the image of Christ on the cross with a woven crown of thorns. However, there is a neural therapy known as ‘crown of thorn’ that is very effective in treating traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Rachel, a mother of 3 teenagers, was working with one of her horses when she accidently stabbed it causing the horse to kick her in the forehead. At first, she was startled but did not lose consciousness. For several days she experienced very little symptoms except for a slight headache. By the third day, her cognitive function slowly began to deteriorate. Along with her inability to think clearly, she started to experience lack-of-motivation even for things she used to love to do. Her memory declined dramatically and headaches became a common occurrence. Whereas before she was fun-loving and full of life now she spent most of days either in bed or on the couch. After 6 months of no improvement, she decided to seek help.

I treated Rachel by injecting small wheals of procaine (a local anesthetic) about an inch apart around the widest circumference of her head – hence the name ‘crown of thorns’. Within a day she reported feeling almost 100% her old self. Over the next week, the symptoms returned 50% of what they were. Another treatment was given with an additional 15% improvement. Feeling that there was an underlying issue with her cervical spine and cranium, I referred her to an Osteopathic physician for treatment. A month later I saw Rachel and she reported that the Osteopathic treatment had given her even more relief and was feeling 90% better.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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