2,000 Year Old Theory of Aging

The idea of using chemical isotopes to combat aging may be new, but nature may already be onto that strategy as a way of protecting us against free-radical attack.  It turns out that babies are born with much more of the isotope carbon-13 in their bodies than their mothers, and women appear to become unusually depleted in carbon-13 around the time they give birth. This would tend to suggest that the mother actually transfers her carbon-13 to the fetus. Many of the proteins and DNA molecules formed early on have to last a lifetime.   For example, every single atom in the DNA of the brain of a 100-year-old man is the same atom as when he was  15 years old.

Chinese Medicine holds that  with every birth a mother is left a little more depleted of  her Juan Chi.  Juan Chi is the Chi that we inherit from our parents at birth and  for the most part cannot be replenished.  They also feel that the greater one’s Juan Chi, the longer they will live. Is there a connection with this 2,000 year old theory of Juan Chi and the isotope carbon-13?

Actuarial charts show that the further down you are in the birthing sequence, the less likely you will live to be 100.  For example, if you are the 5th child in your family you have less than 50% chance of living to be a centenarian compared to the first sibling in your family. This again supports the Chinese theory of Juan Chi.  For every child a mother bears, she is left more depleted of Juan Chi and thus has less Juan Chi to give to the next child.


Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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