Dr. Terry Pfau DO, HMD

Dr. Pfau is licensed in Nevada to practice both general medicine, as well as homeopathy. READ FULL BIO

Cancer cells

Complementary Medicine: An Emerging Paradigm in Cancer Treatment

Complementary Medicine: An Emerging Paradigm in Cancer Treatment Dr. William Fair M.D. was a well-respected prostate cancer surgeon and chairman of urology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York from 1984 to 1997. He thought of complementary medicine as “touchy-feely west coast nonsense” until his battle with colon cancer forced him to …

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Dry Eyes

Dry EyesAs doctors expand their education past medical school training, they are realizing that testosterone has an array of benefits.  This includes increased sexual drive and response, cardiovascular health, prevention of osteoporosis, increased muscle tone and better skin integrity.   To this list of benefits they can now add elimination of dry eyes. Dry eyes is …

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Insomnia Part 3 of 3

Insomnia Part 3 of 3 3. Copper/, Zinc/ and Ceruloplasmin imbalance.  Several years ago, I attended a conference hosted by Dr. Walsh in which he presented his experience in treating thousands of patients with anxiety, ADD, and insomnia along with a long list of other common symptoms.  His studies focused, among other things, on looking at …

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Phobias If you are reading this, chances are you have a phobia.  Statistics show that about 7% of  the U.S. population suffers from one or more phobias.  However, I find that the prevalence is much greater than that. As part of my homeopathic evaluation I always ask “what fears or phobias do you have?”  The …

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