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CEASE Therapy in the Treatment of Autism

Parents of children with autistic spectrum disorder that are searching for alternative solutions will frequently come across the DAN method. This method takes a more functional medicine approach in helping to resolve symptoms. Although, this type of treatment can yield good results it often falls short of parents expectations.

Seven years ago I heard of a European homeopath that was having amazing results in treating autistic children using a novel homeopathic technique. The majority of parents recognize that their child ’s autistic symptoms suddenly struck their healthy child following an immunization. I might add that this ‘single’ immunization often contain up to 6 or 7 different vaccines. In some children, the deterioration can be more gradual with each immunization triggering a gradual onset of symptoms.

Looking for a way to help children with autism a Dutch physician Tinus Smits came up with a way of reversing the deleterious effects of these vaccines. He named his method of treatment CEASE which stands for Complete Elimination Autism Spectrum Expression. Dr. Smits helped well over 300 children with autism prior to his death in 2010.

Dr. Smits CEASE therapy works by using homeopathic preparations of specific vaccines and medications to stimulate detoxification. In addition, to these homeopathic remedies, he also employed specific nutritional supplements that take advantage of the brain’s plasticity – its ability to remodel and heal, along with detoxification protocols.

After seeking out and being trained in the unique therapy I started using it with my young patients. I, as well as the parents, were amazed at the speed of recovery most of these children demonstrated. Over the years I have found that the sooner these children can be treated the more complete was their recovery. But even with teenagers, I have seen some dramatic results. One 13-year-old boy was reading only at a 1st-grade level. After identifying which immunization triggered the onset of his symptoms he was treated with the homeopathic form of it. To my surprise, the mother returned 9 months later saying he was reading at a 7th-grade level.

Western medicine has little to offer parents but Cease Therapy can often be the key that releases the autistic spectrum disorder child from a life of encumbering disabilities so that they can more fully develop the innate talents that they were born with.

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