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Does IV Chelation Work for All Blood Vessels?


The first study to determine the effectiveness of chelation was conducted by Norman Clark Sr., MD, the “father of chelation therapy in America.” Since then almost every study has proven chelation to be effective in restoring circulation.

But does chelation work for all types of blood vessels? Occlusive blood vessel disorders in the heart, neck, brain,  kidneys, and legs have been widely studied.   The results, uniformly positive, have shown the following:

Brain and eye problems –   75% effective

Heart problems – 88% effective

Leg problems  –  92%  effective

By far the most common diseases causing blood vessel blockages are diabetes and hypertension.   Results of chelation with these conditions can be startling.  I have seen   diabetics scheduled for amputation  saved by chelation treatment.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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