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Homeopathy is the Key

Children usually come into this world with great vitality and health. However for some children, the emotional or physical health of the mother can leave its imprint on the fetus as it is growing. And when this child is born it immediately will begin to manifest symptoms from the onset.

Courtney was one such child. From the day she was born she had chronic constipation which the mother described as crumbly. Trying numerous formulas had no effect. Also within weeks of her birth she got her first ear infection and this continued until finally her mom succumbed to having ear tubes put in which did help. But the minute they fell out the ear infections would return.

Now at 3 years of age Courtney’s mother is becoming alarmed as her infections are beginning to go into her lungs. Also, she has noticed a change in her behavior, whereas before she was calm now she has become moody with tantrums. I began treating her homeopathically and we saw gradual improvement. The infections did not stop suddenly but became less frequent and severe and they could be managed without antibiotics. After 4 months of treatment, Courtney quit coming to the clinic. Yesterday her grandmother came in as a new patient and in the course of conversation mentioned that her granddaughter has not had a single problem since I saw her two years ago.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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