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Ten Years of Chronic Sinus Infections

Twice a month for the last 10 years Victor (age 17) has had recurring sinus infections. It is hard to imagine but he has been on so many courses of Augmentum and Omnicef that his parents have lost track. Now within days of starting antibiotics he will get an upset stomach and start vomiting. When he is sick he needs to sleep 20 hours a day and will miss weeks of school at a time. Despite taking 2 different anti-histamines and having had 2 operations – one a T & A and another to clean out his sinuses his problems persist. After listening to his medical history it became obvious that he most likely had an underlying fungal infection that the antibiotics did not touch. When there is a fungal sinus infection it produces a lot of mucous and inflammation of the mucosa which creates a breeding ground for bacteria and also makes the person more prone to allergies. Victor was treated for this underlying problem with homeopathy, nutraceuticals, and prescription anti-fungal medicine. Since he was treated a year ago he has had only one infection and was able to recover without the use of anti-biotics. As with almost all chronic illnesses Victor’s body just could not muster enough strength to overcome the illness. All it needed was a little help. Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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