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Which of My Child’s Fears Are Normal?

While reading an article on fears and phobias I came across a paragraph that listed very common fears for specific age groups. For infants/toddlers (age 0-2 years), it listed loud noises, strangers, separation from parents, and large objects.   For preschoolers (3-6 years) ghosts, monsters, the dark, sleeping alone and thunder were listed. It then listed common fears for children and adolescents.  These fears are often associated with avoidance, discomfort, and physical complaints, such as rapid heartbeat, and stomach pains.

After practicing homeopathy for over 28 years, I have come to realize that just because it is common does not mean that it is normal.  Just yesterday I was having a follow-up evaluation with a 6 year old boy for whom I was treating for ADHD.   During the initial evaluation he mentioned that he had this fear of monsters being under his bed.   When I asked how this fear was doing he commented, “I no longer need to run and jump in my bed.”  Of course, along with the dissolution of his phobia all other symptoms including his ADHD symptoms improved.

All the “normal” fears listed above are not normal but rather indicate an imbalance in that child that needs to be addressed.  Homeopathy can address any phobia by healing the person from within.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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