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Monica who works as an EMT began experiencing pain in her feet and then her hands. Within a months time, she was unable to clench her fist and walking caused extreme pain in her feet. Suspecting that it was rheumatoid arthritis she saw a rheumatologist at the university hospital who confirmed her suspicions. He suggested that she go on methotrexate immediately to avoid damaging her joints. She replied that she wanted to try homeopathy first before taking something so toxic. As she walked out his office he said, ” you will be back… alternative medicine has nothing to offer”.

When I saw Monica her fingers were swollen and stiff and obviously causing her great pain. She said “I cannot walk on the floor without slippers, and just stepping into the shower causes unbearable foot pain. I can’t write my reports because of the thumb pain. I feel like a crippled old lady.”

Monica was treated with natural anti-inflammatory supplements and tested and treated for food sensitivities. Within a week she was completely pain-free and continues to do well 3 months later. I suggested that she write a letter to the doubting rheumatologist so that he might not be so quick to tell patients they have no other options.

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