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Arguments Against Smoke Free Bars

I recently came across an article in JAMA that refutes claims made by those opposing the smoking ban in the work place. In the article they state that “three common arguments are advanced against mandatory smoke-free bars, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. Each is fallacious.
First, laws to prevent smoking in bars will not be effective. Four years after the California ban on smoking in bars, adherence with the law was high: 99% of bars ain restraints and 76% of freestanding bars were smoke-free. Near perfect adherence has been reported in Boston, Ireland, and New Zealand.
Second, the general public will not accept smoke-fee bars and restaurants. In fact, a series of international sutides shows that most people do support smoke-free bars and restaurants. Moreover, public opinion becomes increaseingly positive following smoke-free legistlation.
Third, smoke-free laws will cause bars and restaurants to lose money. Using sales tax and other objective financial data, studies now conclusively demonstrate that bars, restaurants, and hotels do not lose revenue after becoming smoke-free. In fact, some of these studies actually show a growth in income.”
Hopefully, the public will see through the smoke screen that bar and tavern owners are putting up and make the right choice.
Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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