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Call Off the Attorneys

For the past year the airways have been filled with commercials from attorneys seeking potential clients who have supposedly been injured using testosterone.  These low-T attorneys are claiming that testosterone use in men can cause cardiovascular events.  Their claims originate from several flawed studies that were published a year and half ago.

Prior to these two recent studies, there existed a large body of evidence spanning 20 years supporting testosterone use in men.  These prior studies and clinical experience have shown that testosterone supplementation in men was beneficial in improving their metabolic profile, reducing body fat, and increasing lean muscle mass, all of which ultimately reduces the risk of heart disease.

Now a new study out of Italy that looked at 75 placebo-controlled trials involving 5,500 men indicates that testosterone supplementation is not related to any increase in cardiovascular risk.

This barrage of attorney TV ads has needlessly frightened some men from even considering testosterone.  In the 10 years that I have been treating men with low testosterone I have witnessed dramatic improvement in mood, energy, libido, and overall health.  For most of these men testosterone gave them their youth back.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD


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