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Children’s Vaccines and Aluminum Safety Questions

Children’s Vaccines and Aluminum Safety Questions

Two recent studies examined aluminum exposure when following the current CDC (Centers for Disease Control) pediatric vaccine schedule.  They found that aluminum clearance and possible toxicity could be an issue for young children.  The Hep B vaccine, which the CDC recommends to be given to all newborns, contains 17 times more aluminum than would be allowed if the adult dosage were adjusted for body weight.  Between 8 and 12 percent of its 250 ug. aluminum content remains in the baby’s body at 2 months old, when he or she receives the next set of CDC-recommended vaccines.  More aluminum-containing vaccines and/or boosters are recommended at ages four, six, twelve, and eighteen months.  By the age of 18 months, children receive 4925 ug. aluminum on the CDC schedule.  On pediatrician Paul Thomas’s “Vaccine-Friendly Plan”, children would receive only 1820 ug.  The studies’ authors strongly recommended that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration establish age-specific monthly limits of aluminum exposure from all sources, including aluminum-containing vaccines.

Liz Kerby, C.H.C., A.A.D.P

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