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Disfiguring Acne

Though not a disabling disease by any means acne is there for everyone to see and thus can have a lasting effect on ones self esteem. This condition can also leave the sufferers extremely frustrated and depressed.  Stella who is now 28 has had acne since she was 13 years old. Her acne was the deep nodular, hard type that rarely would come to a head. And when they did resolve, they left behind a disfiguring scar. None of the prescriptions that she was given over the years seemed to help.

When I first treated Stella 2 years ago, the remedy just did not have any effect. When she returned 2 months later, confident that I had chosen the right remedy, I repeated it and suggested that we do acupuncture also. Gradually, the acne subsided to where it was 80% better after 6 weeks. About every 6 months her acne would come back less severe than when she first came in. I would repeat the homeopathic remedy when she experienced these minor flare ups. Each time after taking the remedy her acne would disappear completely. Another added benefit of the homeopathic treatment was it took away her cold sensitivity and weekly nightmares of being pursued.

With time she will get to the point where she will not need any further treatment as homeopathy tends to be curative.

Terry Pfau, DO, HMD

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