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Ear Acupuncture

Can Ear Acupuncture Help Cure Addiction? 

In acupuncture, the term “microsystems” is used to describe areas of the body that bear representations of the entire human body upon them, such as the ear, hand and head. Ear acupuncture, also known as auricular acupuncture was first  systematically researched in France in the 1950’s by Dr. Paul Nojier, the “healer from Corsica”. He discovered …

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Fibromyalgia – There Is a Cure

Fibromyalgia – There Is a Cure Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized commonly by one or several of the following symptoms: widespread musculoskeletal pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and mood disorders. As with most chronic illness Western Medicine is only able to prescribe medication that can only suppress the symptoms at best.    In order to actually …

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Homeopathy Statistics

The practice of Homeopathy is in 66 countries. A 2010 article in the British American Journal stated that 57% of people in Germany use Homeopathy. The same journal reported recently that German politicians were seeking the cessation of government reimbursement for Homeopathic treatment, but the German medical Association stepped in and proclaimed its support for …

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Crown of Thorns for Traumatic Brain Injury

For most, the term crown of thorn will trigger the image of Christ on the cross with a woven crown of thorns. However, there is a neural therapy known as ‘crown of thorn’ that is very effective in treating traumatic brain injury (TBI). Rachel, a mother of 3 teenagers, was working with one of her …

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Why Prince Did Not Need to Die

Autopsy of Prince found that he died from an overdose of the powerful pain killer fentanyl.   He is one of over 15,000 people that die each year from an overdose of prescribed narcotics.  Prince’s chronic  pain following hip surgery required the use of Percocet.   As with all pain medications over time it became ineffective …

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Red Ginseng Improves Chronic Tinnitus

Tinnitus (“ringing in the ear”) is a fairly common complaint that involves 1 out of 7 people.  Most people learn to live with it but for others it can disrupt their quality of life. I have seen this condition respond sometimes to acupuncture and frequency specific microcurrent but it is often resistant to treatment.   …

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GABA for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric disorders that I see in my practice. Often times acupuncture and individualized homeopathic treatment can cure anxiety. For those seeking a temporary respite from their feelings of worry, nervousness, apprehension and generalized unease, GABA is an excellent natural remedy. A typical adult dose is 400-500mg per day. …

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What stress does to your life.

Stress Can Seriously Affect Your Emotions

Young kids are known to say what is on their minds.  Six weeks into Jennifer’s treatment her daughter blurted out, “mommy, you’re so much nicer.” When she first came in she was an emotional and physical wreck.   In her words, “I just don’t care anymore.  I’m very sad, depressed, negative, moody, grumpy and having trouble …

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