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Demons In My Room

A couple of days ago I received a call from a former employee who had moved out of state. She was inquiring about treating her daughter who had stopped having periods. She reminded me of how well her daughter did with the acupuncture treatment for emotional problems.

Seven years ago I had treated this same daughter ( she was 15 years old) for severe psychoses. The daughter described what she was experiencing as follows: “I have been obsessing about seeds coming out of my pores for the last 2 months. My pores feel dirty. I get jittery when looking at cracks and holes- I cannot stop thinking about them. I have to sleep with TV on because of fear of demons. I think there are demons in my room. I do not hear them very much. Sometimes in other people’s houses, I can see these demons. I have to go and recheck things over and over again. My biggest worry is being alone a lot or mom dying.”

At that time I tried treating her with several homeopathic remedies over a period of several months with only slight improvement. It was only when I treated her with acupuncture that her fears and delusion began to subside and eventually left her.

Terry Pfau DO, HMD

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